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Phiên bản miễn phí với các chức năng cơ bản trong việc vận hành và thực hiện các công việc cân trọng lượng xe.


In/Out Truk Management

Any marketing campaign faces an uncertainty of its future success. What is the point of conversion for leads? How many people are engaging with your marketing campaign? What’s the biggest draw for visitors to your marketing campaign? How many new and repeat visitors to your stores with your campaign? 

These questions need to be answered when measuring your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Pyxis In-Store Analytic will help measure your marketing campaign’s success.


Paracel LPR Software

ACS Retail Solution works with leading WiFi equipment and an existing internet connection. Our fully scaleable solution has options for small, single site businesses right up to large multi-site organisations with high volumes of WiFi users. All of our packages are feature rich and are designed to generating a return on investment from providing free guest WiFi.


LPR Full HD Camera

Shoppers hate to queue. Extensive research proves that queuing at the checkout is the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction in retailing. Key ways to build customer loyalty and encourage spending is to ensure short queues and reinforce the expectation.

The retail experience is repeated across other sectors. From high street banks to theme parks, reducing queuing and making more effective use of checkout staff and customer service representatives is now a business imperative



ViTrukWeigh is professional solution to manage operations at the truck weigh stations electronic scale in factories, wharf, mobile weighing stations. ViTruckWeigh is perfect solution for replacement of traditional software scales through the application of number plate recognition technology, and Barcode technology with superior features, enhance the operational capacity of the weighing stations, anti-fraud, improve transparency in the operation scale. Vitruckweigh also allows integration with multiple systems, other management applications to automate management processes from sales activities, supplies, accounting systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Also, ViTruckWeigh help leaders, managers monitor and update sales volume, importing goods from any station in the system in real time from anywhere, just simple as click on an electronic newspaper.


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